Thursday, May 22, 2008

Taking it to the next level

Today TRIPLET signed with a Portuguese booking agency called Magic Box! It's amazing how much this agency believes in the band and wants to help us take it to the next level. They have worldwide connections and, most importantly, are well-established here in Portugal. The very first time that Ben, Jasmin and I went in to meet with the agency, we had the gut feeling that this was right. Even before we signed the contract with them, they were getting us gigs. They are an agency that for years was only bringing foreign bands - mostly Reggae - into Portugal and then recently decided to invest in a few Portuguese bands, one of which is TRIPLET.
So now we're on the path to greater things and once again we
see the favor of God in opening this door for us!
You can check them out here:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Best Rock FM interview

Ben & Jasmin from Triplet recently had an interview at Best Rock FM which is the biggest rock radio station in Portugal. The DJ was a bit of a jerk as you'll see in the video. He kept pronouncing Triplet wrong and also some of the questions he directed towards Jasmin had strong sexual overtones. She handled it really well though.
We have been told that the radio really wants to get behind the band and will do a more extensive interview in the future - with another DJ! Our hope is that they will add the single "Eye 43" to their hit list and start playing some of the other songs off the CD as well.

Triplet radio interview from Denny Hurst on Vimeo.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Here it is!

So, we had Triplet's video release party last night. "How did it go?" you ask. Now, that is a very good question! Besides the fact that the club failed to inform us that they wouldn't let anyone under the age of 16 through the doors (many of Triplet's fans are under 16 & that's never happened to them before here in Portugal!) and that their projector (it must have been ancient!) did not jive with the DVD copies that we made, resulting in a distorted image of the went great!
Sambo & Ryan from Reform the Resistance (with special guest Genette, Ryan's girlfriend, sitting in on keys on one song) did an opening set which they pulled off really well! Then Triplet rocked! The pleasant surprise of the evening was their version of Michael Jackson's "Beat It", which I think should become a regular part of their set.
Although it was a bummer that some kids never got past the security guards (we did manage to get Isaac in :-), those who were there to celebrate with us the release of "Eye 43" on MTV Portugal did have a good time and it was more like a party with faithful fans of the band than a concert.
Here is the video, and in coming months we're hoping to get it to the top of the MTV Portugal Hit list, as well as shown on MTV all across Europe! Enjoy!!

Untitled from TRIPLET on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

When God opens the doors

There are some really awesome things going on right now with the band TRIPLET! One of the most exciting is that their video "Eye 43", is in rotation on MTV Portugal which, by the way, still plays music videos. We have been praying that once this video started to air that it would open more doors for the band in this country. Well, a week after it started to air, the biggest rock radio station in the country, Best Rock FM, contacted us and they want to start airing Triplet's music on their station! To start with they will be doing a live interview with Ben & Jasmin on Tuesday May 13th and this will also help promote the video release party that we're doing on Thursday May 15th!
Next week after the party I'll put the video up here for you
all to see. Ben will also be putting it on YouTube and I'll give you the link for that as well.
Stay tuned for more.....