Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful October day in Portugal!

Today was an incredible warm & sunny October day in Portugal. I love the warmth and the sun. The weird thing though was after we went and picked Alana up from the beach (isn't that great, going to the ocean in October!) on our way home we saw an incredible rainbow in the sky and it hadn't even rained. What's that all about? Anyhow, even though the pics don't show you what we REALLY saw, here are a couple that I took at our house after we got back.


Jocky said...

Hey, that's wonderful. We had some nice warm days in October and November too.

As you probably know, I am working now as a postman. I was able to do my job on one day in November just in a T-shirt. Can you imagine?

Was so thankful for that. For the beautiful sunny autumn, the nice colorfol leaves...

Keep blogging. It's just the chance to get at least some little news :)

Adrian said...

Hey Denny, this is the little guy from west Texas asking for an update on the old blog....nothing is happening? I think not.