Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heaven's Door festival

This past weekend I went with Triplet to Strasbourg, France for the Heaven's Door festival.
TRIPLET rocked the house and they were one of the best bands of the evening (definitely the hardest).
I had the pleasure of seeing an old (in more ways than one :-) friend that I haven't seen for sometime, Jean-Pierre Rudolph, who lives in Strasbourg. Many of you may remember that in Italy we booked many a tour with Rodney Cordner and Jean- Pierre Rudolph. I wish I had a pic of us together to put up here, but maybe that will be for another day. It was great to see him and talk about the ole' days touring in Italy.
That was then, but this is now and I'm really enjoying working with TRIPLET in Portugal and on the road in Europe.... and hopefully beyond!


Maurizio said...

Cari Danny e Maureen , vi auguro un 2009 pieno di benedizioni nel nome di Gesù Maurizio

Whitney said...

Dovete mettere qualcosa di nuovo!